Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

About brutal murder of 6 years old girl named Setayesh in Varamin, Tehran, Iran.

Setayesh daughter of Sheraqaa Quraishe an Afghan refugee in Iran, who is original resident of Herat province of the Afghanistan, but her born was in Varamin, Tehran. She missed on date 02 Hamal 1395 and did not return to home while she went to buy Ice-cream. Setayesh’s family searched whole day the area of Varamin in Tehran to find their daughter, finally informed Police of Iran, but up to end of the day still could not able to find about Setayesh. on 23 of Hamal police could able to find murder body of setayesh the 6 years old girl burned by Acid in an Iranian house in neighborhood of Sheraqa Quraish’s House. 
Ameer Hassan a young boy of neighbor family is the guy, he first theft Setayesh, then raped and killed with knife and for the annihilation the effect of murder body, he used Acid. But there is a proverb “that the innocent blood be not quiet” and finally the perpetrator has been known by police and arrested. 
Ameer Hossain parents have published in some of social media websites that Ameer Hussain is a child and is not reached to the 17 years of his age, It seems that somehow is supposed reasons such as this, can provide us doubt on the justice of the case for Setayesh.
Therefore we Women’s Activists in Herat Province seriously condemn this evil act against innocent Setayesh and demand from the Islamic republic of Iran as Muslim country that;
1. The perpetrator of this crime should be punished with server sentence.
2. To avoided the expansion of miss treatment and insulting behaviors against Afghan refugees, to ban scarifying the refugees’ children of such case.
3. From the scholar and elites of Iran demands to give priority for educating and public aware particularly people of Varamin of their cultural and religious program. 
4. The Iran government should inform through its embassy the government of Afghanistan from any sentences against the case of Setayesh