Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Detainees’ passengers on the way of Kunduz, Are innocent

Issue No: 30

Kabul, Afghanistan

The News about detention on the rout of Kunduz and brutal killing of number of them, once again brought people of the country in grief, that made clear that Afghanistan has extremely ruthless and dangerous enemy, despite of no pity for the innocent people, they are brutally killing . Afghan Women’s Network like other citizens are in deeply concerns and denounce this inhuman and evil practice.

This is not the first time that, our civilian compatriots traveling on highway from one province to another province is victim of inhuman enemy invasion, but this practice is repeating from tragedies of the past, which shows weakness and lack of commitment of the government in providing ease and safety of highways, the authority have so far failed to provide facilities for our country wayfarers, We therefore once again call on the government and the groups in the conflict to

1. Stop harm of the innocent people and let secure the highways, mosques, schools, health centers, etc.

2. Determine specific measures to ensure the security and safety for passenger’s highways prevent the occurrence of such incidents.

3. Determine special measures for the release of the captured individuals, consider to provide the necessary support to the families of martyrs and custodies

4. To carry out peace talks, before that the situation should free from any kind of violence to made the public trust on the process.


Afghan Women’s Network