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Rapid Response Initiative (RRI)

Having a look into the Afghan women unfavorable prevailing situation in Afghanistan, AWN’s legal operating procedure and also, increasing rapidly violence cases against women and children, which is needed the national and international advocacy, brought the idea of creating the RRI unit, which is based in the Afghan Women’s Network office in Kabul. Thus, AWN deemed it important & established rapid response initiative (RRI), women’s rights advocacy project with the financial support of INTER-NEWS while there was no rapid response source to increase protection for women and at risk due to immediate threats. Hence, Rapid Response approach is most appropriate for addressing an emergent and critical social issue and gaining of women urgent issues in over all arenas of their life especially violence against them in a short amount of time, and to give action-based responses.

AWN through legal basis programme and Rapid Response Initiative (RRI) regularly follow up the violence cases against women, and also call on the government to prove their commitments towards law enforcement investigate and follow up all the cases of violence against women reported on immediate bases and conduct public trials in order to prosecute criminals and their supporters. The unit mainly collects cases of violence against women in the selective provinces. And during its one year active operating more than 860 cases include, murdering, suicide, kidnapping, rape, beating, emotional abuse, run away, forced marriage and divorced have been registered and comprehension responses have been provided to the raised cases timely. Moreover, Besides giving appropriate responses to the 860 registered Sexual Gender Base Violence (SGBV) cases, the  aforementioned cases have also been registered in RRI database, that among these263 of them have been followed up by RRI department,498 cases were referred to the CSO’s and 100 of the cases have been solved by the AWN’s advocacy authorities. all the aforementioned cases have been reported and referred to the RRI by Heart and Kunduz zone CSO’s and also through AWN Media monitoring officer. Based on the positive outcome of the abovementioned cases the AWN shown full interest to continue & develop the project further. Thus, based on the RRI unit pilot achievements, AWN in full coordination with Ministry of Women Affairs (MOWA) decided to establish a hotline service 3434 which is financially supported by UNDP, and the women from all around Afghanistan can go through this hotline and share their issues from 34 provinces. Beside this AWN through its active social mobilizers in 19 provinces get the cases registered and timely refer them to the RRI.

Meanwhile, In 2013, the unit had registered 906 cases - 320 cases from Heart, 158 cases from Kunduz, 140 cases from Kabul and 342 cases from Parwan, Kandahar, Nengarhar, Balkh, Baghlan and Samangan provinces.